Web Design

It takes .05 seconds to capture your customers eyes and develop and onion about your brand. Creating a unique user experience for your visitors will build and strengthen your brand utilising our custom website design services.

Hand Crafted Websites Made Simple

Design Then Code

Our designers create a prototype for your feedback. Once approved we code it into a high-performance website.

Beautiful On Any Device

Over 60% of users are now on mobile devices. We ensure your website looks beautiful no matter what device they are viewing it on.

Your Own Web Team

Get instant access to the Project Manager who directs the visual web UI designer, Front end web developer and Programmers.

Higher ROI From Your Custom Website

The primary business goal when having your website built or redesigned is your bottom line. We get this and make this happen!

World Class Web Design Experience

We are specialists who love structuring and creating important and functional sites. Soflo Play Time LLC is your one-stop-shop for a total web solution. This incorporates everything from the initial planning, right to building it into a completely working website Websites are the key asset in your digital strategy.


We develop your website according to your personalized business requirements in the minimum possible time for a high-quality product.